The "Be Well" Recipe: Summer Gazpacho

Check out my recipe on the Be Well blog - the blog for Dr. Lipman. I recently joined the health coaching team at his office 2 days a week - I love working there!

Here's a little about his practice:

We at the Eleven Eleven Wellness Center are committed to creating sustainable wellness. We offer patient-centered care to help people get healthy and keep them healthy.

Our treatment strategies take an integrative approach by combining Western Medicine with what are considered "alternative therapies."

We promote lifestyle changes through diet, nutrition, exercise and stress management and our clinicians use a variety of non invasive modalities such as Acupuncture, Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Active Release Technique and Nutrition Counseling.

Although we try to avoid Pharmaceuticals, we do prescribe them when necessary. We consider the uniqueness of each patient and how both internal and external factors impact functioning. We encourage our patients to become pro-active in their own health and partner with them as they journey towards true health and optimal wellness.

-Photo by Vince Lee on Unsplash